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To create socially responsible young managers and leaders, we take our students for outreach activities. Students have engaged in community development activities in remote villages in Kerala. Thus, our students will learn the importance of giving back to the society while progress in their career. As part of outreach program, students render their services to local hospitals, orphanages and old age home. Apart from these activities, students are actively involved in National Service Scheme programs too.

International Industrial Visits

Moreover they learn international business, VSMS students will accustom to international culture and cuisines from the international industrial visits. International visits in the past were focused on South East Asian countries and China. A fortnight long program include visits to multinational companies, universities and advanced manufacturing plants.

International Conferences

Our students not just attend international conferences but they are actively involved in organizing international conferences and seminars. Past conferences witnessed overwhelming response from participants from different colleges in south India. Thus, they get opportunity to listen from academicians from leading universities in US and Europe. Being organizers, our students apply the management principles of planning, organizing and coordinating.

Kalypso outbound training

Team work is inevitable as far as an organization is concerned. To make our students understand the importance of team work, we take our students for outbound training held in geographically challenging terrains. Training programs throw challenging tasks to students, so that they should expend physical and mental energy to accomplish them.