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Women’s Day Celebration

Women’s Day at VSMS was a memorable learning experience. In its organizing, we learned how to stay positive in turbulent times. How to swing as a group to positive forces. Students you proved you are Managers. Our celebration was a beautiful blend Ms. Anupama Roy and Ms. Anu Sunil 2 successful women Entrepreneurs shared the inspiring Journey of a women Entrepreneur.

Lessons they shared are: Follow your passion; Plan every day clearly; Belief in ourselves; Gain hands own experience; Manage your energy; Build great team; Plan for your capital; Learn from the complaint and Be god-fearing:

Ms. Zeanath Ashraf a social worker with Mother Theresa Touch shared the transformation of
Gunda Attani Aneesh into a family man and the miserable life of AIDS patients. The audience listened with tears in their eyes. Students honoured the Ammas of our campus who take care of the sanitation of the premises and hospitality of the guests. They acknowledge the value of their contribution. Let’s keep on doing with everything involvement and mindfulness. Birthday of Dr. Anu George and Ms. Lidhiya made the occasion very warm. Special appreciation to Nayana, Franklin, Jojin, Shruthi, Sreenath Sir and Ambily Miss for the effective coordination.