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VISWAJYOTHI College of Engineering and Technology is the one of the first Self Financing Engineering college in the state which started working in June 2001. It is a matter of great pride that VISWAJYOTHI College of Engineering and Technology has achieved the desirable NBA Accreditation in June 2018 . The substantial progress of the College in a short time of just eleven years is really worth appreciation. The developing infrastructure of the college is truly bound to make the campus, internationally competent in the coming years. Even though just seven of the batches have graduated, the campus placements in the college have been steadily improving, and in the coming years it is being aimed to achieve 100% placements. The Training & Placement Department has put all endeavors to get the big companies associated with the college and it would not be wrong to expect the best companies coming to VISWAJYOTHI in near future. Many of the students of the College have achieved excellent marks in competitive examinations like CAT, GATE, GRE and the results in the University Examinations have also been brilliant with an eleven University ranks in its credit. Apart from academic achievements the College has also put up sincere efforts to develop Entrepreneurship environment among our students. Various professional bodies including IEEE, ISTE and CSI have active chapters in our college. We are conducting various co curricular and extracurricular activities for staffs and students which includes Faculty Development Programs, Induction programs, seminars, conferences, technical fest, cultural fest etc. VISWAJYOTHI is also giving importance to develop a sports culture in the campus. Our students are actively participating in inter college, University level sports and games activities and have credited many prizes. We have a professional basket ball team which has won many titles in the recent years. MAGNUM–All Kerala Engineering college Basket Ball Tournament is one of the celebrated tournaments conducted by VISWAJYOTHI every year.