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“Moulding Professionals Par Excellence With Integrity, Fairness And Human Values”


Vision of VISWAJYOTHI College of Engineering and Technology is to mould Professionals for tomorrow for the welfare of mankind and society. We aim to give quality education for students with value added thoughts. Our academic motto includes Quality Education, Ethical Values and Spiritual Deeds and Conducts of all in VISWAJYOTHI Family.


  • We commit to develop the institution as a Center of Excellence of International Standards.
  • We guide our students in the attainment of intellectual and professional competence. for successfully coping with the rapid advancements in technologies and the ever-changing world of business, industry and services.
  • We help each and every student in their personal growth into mature and responsible individuals.
  • We strive to cultivate a sense of social and civic responsibility in our students, thus empowering them to serve humanity.
  • We promise to ensure a free environment where the quest for the truth is encouraged.