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VISWAJYOTHI College of Engineering and Technology (VJCET) is a private self-financing Engineering College, established in 2001 and run by the Catholic Diocese of Kothamangalam. ‘Service of GOD through service of Humanity’ is the driving motto of the Kothamangalam Diocese. The Kothamangalam Diocese always has been at the forefront in serving society and the cause of education for the last 5 decades with 90 schools, 3 Affiliated Colleges, and 3 other Technical Institutions under its management. The college was established with the objective of providing higher technical education to the people of the diocese and the surrounding regions. The core edge of the management is to establish a college which is unique in identity where education and values are conveyed in a bonafide Christian environment conducive to nurturing Christian ethics such as faith in God, love for their fellow beings and fidelity to the motherland.