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Dr. K.K Rajan

I am extremely delighted to welcome you to Viswajyothi School of Management Studies (VSMS). The department was founded in 2009, empowering and transforming lives since then. VSMS works on the lofty goal of uplifting the community that is centered around the little town of Vazhakulam. The Institute supports the families of, a largely agrarian community that dwells, in and around, by educating their children, ensuring them of good jobs across the globe, preparing them for education beyond the borders of the country, and raising the standards of living of the society at large.

Management education makes graduates from various streams, industry ready and skilled, to enter into employment in the many realms of business. The industry supported, myriad of training activities, organised by the Institute, is key in reshaping and upskilling the students and serves as a launchpad for their smooth entry into the business world.

I congratulate you for taking a step forward, in being associated with VSMS and wish you success on your journey towards being a socially committed individual.