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It is mandatory for students to register for the courses they want to attend in a trimester. Students have to register for all courses offered in the first trimester at the time of admission and for all courses offered in the second and third trimesters before the commencement of these trimesters. They do not have to enroll for the first three trimesters. All students are required to register at the end of the third, fourth and fifth trimesters for the courses they want to take in the following trimester. Later they have to enroll for these courses in the new trimester based on the previous trimester results. This allows them to make minor changes in the list of courses already registered for. Before enrolment, students should clear all dues including any fees to be paid and should not have any disciplinary issues pending. The dates for registration and enrolment will be announced in the academic calendar of KTU. Any late registration or enrolment, allowed up to 7 working days from the commencement of the trimester, will attract a late registration/enrolment fee.
A student can drop a course or substitute one already registered by another, for valid reasons with the approval of the faculty advisor. However this has to be done within seven working days from the commencement of the trimester.
The maximum number of credits a student can register in a trimester is limited to 22.