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Course Objectives

  • To develop young men and women in to professional managers to manage all sectors of the organized economic activity.
  • To equip the youngsters with conceptual and interpersonal skills and social purpose for managerial decision-making and its execution in real situations.
  • To develop and encourage the entrepreneurial capabilities of young generation to make them effective change agents.
  • To meet the demand for trained and professional people in the country at the top level management of business and industrial organizations in the light of the new economic and industrial policy of the country.

Course Duration

Duration of the MBA programme will normally be two academic years spanning six trimesters. Each trimester shall have 55 instruction days; i.e. 11 weeks of instruction. Continuous Internal Evaluation during the course period and University examination at the end of each trimester shall be conducted.

Programme duration

Normal duration of the programme shall be for six trimesters, each of 11 week’s duration. In case of prolonged illness or other personal contingencies, the University may allow a student who has earned credits for at least one trimester, to extend the program by three more trimesters at the most.

Language of Instruction and Evaluation

Unless otherwise stated, the language of instruction and evaluation shall be English.

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