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Governing body formulates policy and directs the affairs of the institution. Governing body of VJCET consists of 14 members headed by Msgr. Dr. Pius (Manager) and Dr. K K Rajan (Principal) as the secretary. It includes eight members nominated by the Board of Trustees and nominated members from AICTE, DTET, KTU and MGU. The governing body is elected for a period of three years. It meets twice or thrice in a year to assess the performance of the institution and to discuss the future developmental activities.

Dr. K.K.Rajan


Responsibity : Chairman

Mob : 9072964417

Mr. Somy P. Mathew

(Vice- Principal)

Responsibity : Convener & Secretary

Mob : 9048104565

Dr. Cyriac Joseph


Responsibity : Member

Mob : 9447571222

Mr. Amel Austine


Responsibity : Member

Mob : 9847671025

Dr. B.Aruna


Responsibity : Member

Mob : 9072964416

Mrs. Smitha Cyriac


Responsibity : Member

Mob : 9447523022

Mrs. Anju Susan George


Responsibity : Member

Mob : 9846132699

Mr. Shunmugesh K.


Responsibity : Member

Mob : 9947929956

Mrs. Shine George

(HOD- Civil)

Responsibity : Member

Mob : 9495971178

Mrs. Viji George

(HOD- S&H)

Responsibity : Member

Mob : 7907664856