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VISWAJYOTHI offers Management Programme (MBA, affiliated to APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University and approved by AICTE) through its management school, VISWAJYOTHI School of Management Studies (VSMS). VSMS is dedicated to the development of promising leaders who can create wisdom, innovation from action, networks from contacts and sustained adaptability from changes.

VSMS opens up new frontiers in the global management scene, and equips the students with the skill-set to cope with today’s business environment which is filled with complexity and uncertainty. At VSMS, students are exposed to emerging state of the art technologies and leading edge business management practices which will enable them to lead multinational work forces, communicate with stakeholders, and develop creative solutions to emerging business issues and drive innovation through entrepreneurial practices. VSMS provides a unique programme with quality, reliability, standards and recognition. Primary Objective of VSMS is to promote personal integrity and social responsibility among the students. VSMS provides the students with an ideal platform for the display of their creative and innovative abilities and offer unique opportunities to further enhance personal capabilities.

APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (initially Kerala Technological University),is a Kerala Government University that came into existence on May 21, 2014 with an aim to give leadership to the technology related policy formulation and Engineering Planning for the State. Since the academic year 2014-15, all the Engineering courses and since the academic year 2015-16, all the MBA courses conducted by the Engineering colleges of Kerala  have been brought under the affiliation of the Technological University. MBA @ KTU has certain special characteristics