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The following fees schedule is applicable for candidates seeking new admission to the MBA Batch of 2018-2019

  • The One-time Application Fee of Rs 500 is to be paid at the time of submitting the Application Form.
  • Admission Fee (one-time) of Rs.500 and a part of Tuition Fee Rs. 25,000 are to be paid together once admission is offered to the candidate. Thus, a candidate who has been offered admission will have to pay Rs. 25,500/-.
    Tuition Fee for subsequent trimester will only be payable later.
Particulars Amount (Rs.)
Tuition Fee 1,50,000 per year (Payable in 2 installments of Rs.75,000 each)
Caution Deposit 5,000
Examination Fee 1,700 per Semester
(subject to the decision of the university)
Admission Fee 500
University Student Administration Fee 1,000
PTA Fund 500
Student Union & Association Fees 400 (Subject to change as per the decision of Students Union)
  • If the candidate is opting for bank loan, already collected tuition fee of Rs.25,000 will be reimbursed to the candidate as an when the bank loan is approved.
  • Any candidate who desires to discontinue from the programme after confirmation of admission & registration for the courses specified in the admit offer letter will forfeit the total amount of fees paid.