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Email: anishj@vjcet.org
Mr. Anish John A works as the Assistant Professor in the Department of Management
Studies. He completed his Engineering in Electrical and Electronics and MBA (Marketing)
from Dr.GRD College of Science, Coimbatore. He has published various research papers in
Peer reviewed and refereed journals including UGC approved journal and has presented
research papers in various National and International Conferences.
Educational Qualification
 PhD (Doing in Management) (Bharathiar University, Coimbatore)
 MBA (Marketing) from Dr.GRD College of Science,Coimbatore,Affiliated to
Bharathair University,Coimbatore (2010)
 B. E(Electrical and Electronics Engineering) from P.S.N.A College Engineering and
Technology, Dindigul.affilated to Anna University,Chennai (2008)
Work Experience
  2016-2021: Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce and Management,
Marygiri College of Arts and Science, Koothattukulam
 2015-2016: Assistant Professor Department of Management Studies I,Naipunnya
School of Management, Cherthala,
 2013-2015: Assistant Professor, Mar Kuriakose Arts & Science College, Puthuvely
 2011-2013: Assistant Professor, Al Azhar College of Arts and Science,Thodupuzha
 2010-2011: Sales Engineer,Rons Enterprises,Gurgaon

Areas of Interest:
Marketing Management, Brand Management & Consumer Behaviour
 Anish John A & DR.C.Sengottuvelu (2021).“Factors influencing
smartphone purchase intention among generation z”, Wesleyan Journal of Research
(IJRAR), Volume -14, Issue -1, January, 2021, Page 125-144, ISSN (Print) :0975-1386.
 Anish John A & DR.C.Sengottuvelu (2021).Buying Behaviour towards
smartphone among generation z”, The Journal of Oriental Research Madras, Volume –
92, Issue -1, January, 2021, Page 296-312, ISSN(Print) :0022-3301.

 Anish John A & DR.C.Sengottuvelu (2021). “Gender difference on factors
affecting purchase intention of smartphone among generation z”, International Journal
of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR), Volume -5, Issue -8, October-December,
2018, Page 152u-157u, ISSN(Print):2349-5138,
 Anish John A & DR.C.Sengottuvelu (2021). “Social factors influencing the
smartphone purchase among the generation z”, International Journal of Human
Resource Management and Research Volume-8, Issue-5, August-
 Anish John A (2015).“The influence of surprise toys on repeat purchase among kids
with special reference to kinder joy”, International journal of social science and
humanities research.vol.3, issue 4 . ISSN 2348-164.
 Anish John A,Sarika &Renju (2015).“Mobile banking in India-Opportunities &
Challenges”, Finova’15, Green Banking, ISBN 978-93-85105-19-7.
 Anish John A& Sarika (2015). “Preschool Children & Surprise toys” Synernovae
’15, ISBN 978-0070682139.
FDP’s/Workshops/Seminars/Conference Attended
 Attended FDP on “User Friendly Tools For Online Teaching And Assessment” on 24 th
July to 30 th July,2020,organized by Prajyoti Niketan College,Pudukkad.
 Attended two days international webinar on “ Emerging business trends post covid
19” on 30&31 August 2020, conducted by Bangalore University associated with
Acharya Bangalore B School.
 Attended online workshop on “Art of thesis Writing” organized by Rehoboth
Academic Services, Bangalore on 8 August 2020.
 Presented paper in two days Multidisciplinary International Academic research
conference (ISBN:9780989515047) on the theme “Buying Behaviour of smartphones
among undergraduate students’’ organized by Anna University-PSGIM-ARC at
Coimbatore,18 th &19 th February 2016.
 Presented paper in one day Multidisciplinary Paper presentation conference on the
theme “Pre-School Children and surprise toys” organized by Naipunnya school of
Management at Cherthala, 5 th December 2015.

 Attended two days workshop on “Research Methodology and Application of
Statistical Tools” organized by SCMS Cochin School of Business on June 26 th &
27 th ,2015. Conducted by Prof. (Dr.) K. Kalyanaraman (Former Professor &Head,
Dept. of Statistics, Kerala University)
 Attended one day Seminar on “Research Methodology and Application of Statistical
Tools” on December 5 th 2015. Conducted by Dr.R.Gopal (Director,D Y Patil
University, Mumbai)
 Attended one day Seminar on “Research Paper writing” on June 1 st 2015. Conducted
by Dr.Kevin (Former Pro Vice Chancellor ,University of Kerala)
 Attended one day Seminar on “Research Methodology and Research Paper writing”
on March 3 rd 2015. Conducted by Prof. Ajay Saraf (Professor ,Dr.D.Y.Patil
 Attended one day Seminar on “Student Counselling and Communication” on October
10th 2015. Conducted by Prof. Jameela P(Principal ,KVM College of special
 Attended FDP, conducted by Minds Training Academy, 1 st -5 th June 2015.
 Attended one day Seminar on “Orientation towards NAAC Implementation” on
January 1 st 2015 Conducted by Dr.Joseph P.X(Professor, Rajagiri College of Social