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Coordinator: Dr. Anoop C K. , IQAC Coordinator

Responsibilities of the Committee

  1. identifying and checking the major student learning outcomes, identifying appropriate assessment methods/strategies to measure learning outcomes at the program level
  2. Monitoring and documenting opportunities provided for students to actively demonstrate their knowledge, skills/abilities, values and development at the program level
  3. Supervising program level assessment data collection, analysis and interpretation relative to studentsÂ’ ability to achieve the learning objectives
  4. Evaluating major student learning outcomes assessment and making recommendation for strengthening major student learning outcomes assessment
  5. Devising strategies for using assessment results to improve student learning, courses, programs, and services
  6. Ensuring that feedback from program level assessments is provided to students and other stakeholders
  7. Ensure that department wise PAC and DAC meetings are scheduled and conducted as per schedule.
  8. Monitor department wise CO-PO-PSO mappings and Justification
  9. Monitor activities with respect to NBA C2, C3, C7 and C8 attainment, target fixation and gap identification.