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Confidence operates with an absolute focus on helping students perform well in corporate aptitude test papers. Konfidence was started by two IIM (Indian Institute of Management) Kozhikode graduates Mr KrishnaSwamy and Mr Kishan Kumar in the year 2004. The core offering of Konfidence Team is the Aptitude Training offered to students of the partner colleges. The aim of our training programs is to orient our students to take a Professional and Clinical approach to aptitude tests there by equipping them for better placements and careers. Some of the characteristics and features of our aptitude training are depicted below During the training sessions, we deal in Quantitative, Logical and Verbal ability concepts that are tested in aptitude tests. The basic theory and fundamentals behind the common test areas of quantitative ability and analytical ability are covered. Dedicated sessions, with questions asked by companies, are offered on Puzzles, Analytical reasoning and Data interpretation. The importance of English, both spoken and written is increasing than ever before with more and more companies having separate cut offs and exclusive verbal testing sessions. To improve the verbal and comprehension abilities of students, we revisit the salient points of basic grammar, look at commonly tested areas in English and give exclusive verbal and comprehension tests.

  • Aptitude tests designed in tune with screening testsof companies will be administered during the program. Comparative ranking and custom reports will be provided to students so as to know their relative standing. Benchmarking against the best allows the students to know the level of effort they need to put in order to be among the top performers.
  • Training towards approaching aptitude tests. Aptitude test papers are more than knowing the test areas. Success here would depend a lot on the real time decisions that one takes during the actual test. During our training sessions we address test taking strategies and ways to improve the performance in aptitude tests.
  • Training Materialsrequired for the classroom sessions will be provided to students. These course materials that have evolved over the last 10 years have been titrated to suit the purpose of the course and the learning capability of the students.
  • Introduction to effective self study procedures We believe that in this information age, our role should be that of a facilitator and that the students should be able to continue their practice of different aptitude sessions even after the course. With the aim of making the students work on their own we introduce students to various options including web resources and self study products.
  • Competent resource personnelwill offer the course
    Konfidence have a small team of faculty members who are well versed in the area of aptitude training. These faculty members will be taking various sessions for the batch.
  • Duration of the course: We offer Long duration courses of 8 to 12 days.