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Finance Club


Finance  Club of VSMS is  a platform  for acquiring financial knowledge, a place for interactive learning and an ideal  club to facilitate career  development  for finance  students.  It is a club  that connects students of MBA , alumni, industry experts and academicians. Finance club also conducts Business quiz and discussions, handles  fund management and trading games which help them to learn more about stock market ,portfolio management and financial analysis. It provides forum for  financial research and analysis, and publish their research findings.

Key activities of the year are:


  • Stock market game -online stock trading game and portfolio management
  • Finance quiz- College level finance quiz to enrich the knowledge in the areas of finance
  • External speaker series and workshops on online stock trading and portfolio management


Marketing Club


The vibrant marketing club of VSMS provides the students ample opportunities in identifying various needs and requirements of the campus and respond with relevant goods and services creatively. The club also organizes interactions with working professionals at various levels from different sectors.



  • To generate interest towards the stream of marketing.
  • To apply the marketing concepts learned in the class with real life situations.
  • To enhance the marketing skill of the students.




  • Designing & marketing various competitions
  • Marketing different  products and services
  • Interaction with the Marketing Managers from various sectors.


HR Club


Through this club we would like to provide valuable insights to the field of HRM and also give an overview of how the HR field is being perceived and attempt to bring a fresh perspective on HR issues and challenges that the business world faces today. The HR Club hosts events where distinguished industry leaders in the HR domain interact with students. It also helps Faculty to accompany in research and consultancy projects.


Operations Forum


Operations aims to help students to gain knowledge in this domain by bringing industry experts and exploring opportunities to visit manufacturing plants. This forum also prepares students for inter-collegiate management fests.


Cultural Committee


Cultural Committee at VSMS provides a platform for students to express their latent talents. It hosts various events such as Bodhi and College day programs ensuring an equal share of fun and frolic alongside academic rigor.