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VMA is completely a student driven organization for the promotion of the curricular and extracurricular activities in the campus. It acts as a bridge between the student body and the administration in matters of general, academic or individual importance while ensuring that all guidelines are followed. It has an executive committee selected by the students of the department. Executive committee has members from both first year and second year batches. Alumni’s, who were members of the committee, plays a vital role in mentoring the association. VMA organizes programs for college day, Independence Day, republic day and other important days. VMA plays a big role in conducting national symposiums and conferences. They make sure the student life at VISWAJYOTHI is colorful and memorable.

VMA is very active in providing Induction Programme for all students at the start of the course. They will debrief the forthcoming challenges and issues faced by the students during the course of the MBA programme.  They also conduct sessions on Communication skills, fostering interpersonal relationships, time management, goal setting, public speaking, career opportunities, soft skill development, study techniques and life skills in general are covered during the programme. Thus such programmes will help them to alleviate their fears and apprehensions about their compatibility in a business management atmosphere.